We have had a slightly frustrating time lately as we’ve had an awful lot of 2nd places – which is always annoying, but at least it means the horses are on good form. The horses are getting fitter, and we’re beginning to make entries for some of the good ground horses. I have been to Germany and bought a beautiful young three year old called ‘Capone’. He ran in the German Derby this year and looks like a top class prospect. He’s not only very good looking, he’s very well bred as he’s by ‘Nathaniel’. He also has some very good form on the flat.

I’ve just bought something to remind me of my terrible ex. An old bicycle. Having just read in the paper that she has lost her driving license for well over a year (being over double the limit), I’m thinking about gifting it to her as clearly her need is now greater than mine! A completely inebriated woman was stumbling down the street with one foot on the kerb and one foot in the gutter. A policeman pulled up and said ‘I’ve got to take you in Dear, you’re obviously drunk.’ The woman asked ‘Ossiffer, are your absolutely sure I’m drunk?’ ‘Yes I’m sure’ said the copper. ‘Let’s go.’ Breathing a sigh of relief, the woman said ‘thank goodness! I thought I was lame!’

My daughter Matilda has started university at Loughborough and we took her and all her things up there for the beginning of Fresher’s Week. I had a horse running at Southwell yesterday, so I took Tildie out for lunch. She has had a permanent hangover for the last two weeks, and I’m hoping she will now knuckle down to some work as that is the reason she is there.

We are getting on with our wedding plans for next year and have already ordered the marquee. One of my owners came round last week and said he’d been to see his doctor because the thrill had gone from his marriage. The doctor said that exercise would build up his stamina and suggested that he jogged ten miles per day for 30 days. My owner takes the advice, calls the doctor and thanks him as he is feeling so much better. The doctor asks how his love life is and the man replies ‘how the hell would I know, I’m 300 miles from home!’

We’ve got a lovely young horse in called ‘Ivilnoble’. He’s still for sale as the man I bought him for had let us down. So if anyone would like a share in him, please do get in touch.

I am dusting my boots and breeches off on Saturday as I’m riding in the Legends race at Chepstow. It’s a fun event for charity , as we all get back in the weighing room and pretend we are about thirty years younger than we actually are. Last year the oldest jockey was Jimmy Fox. He was only 75 years young. It’s all in aid of The Bob Champion Cancer Trust so it’s a great cause. If you feel like sponsoring me you can go to

My accountant has just been in and I have asked him for some advice. When I asked him what I should do financially he said ‘If I was you I’d pack up training and phone the Samaritans’.

Hopefully we might get a couple of winners next week. Watch this space.

All the best