We took the kids to Greece on a sailing boat for a week’s break at the beginning of August and I met a couple of guys who were fishing. One said to the other “I think I’ll divorce my wife. She hasn’t spoken to me in six months.” The other guy replied “God, you want to think it over first. Women like that are hard to find!”

My daughter Tildie got her A level results and she got an A and two B’s. I couldn’t be more proud, and I keep telling everyone that clearly her brains come from me. She is straight off to Loughborough Uni and I’m thinking about taking a gap year on her behalf.

I have been asked to ride in the Legends race again in October so I must try and get myself fit. My grandmother started walking five miles a day when she was 60. She’s now 97 and we don’t know where she is. If anyone has seen her, could they please give me a ring.

It’s slightly darker now when I leap out of bed at 5.30am, but the horses are getting fitter by the day. We have some nice new horses this season and the one that stands out is a five year old horse called ‘Ivilnoble’. He does everything very easily and the only thing wrong with him is that I haven’t got an owner for him yet! I do have a couple of specific orders for three year olds so I’m trying to find a few horses off the flat to go hurdling. It’s proving difficult at this time of year as the flat trainers obviously still want to hang on to them.

It was sad to see that Mick O’Toole died last week. I bought one of my best horses from him called Celibate. He was great fun and always had a joke to tell you. He will be greatly missed.

I find it a bit dull at this time of year as there aren’t many meetings as we’re between Summer Jumping and the main National Hunt season. I was thrilled that Pickamix won a good race at Newton Abbot over the Summer and he will now hopefully run again at the end of next month on his way to the first Cheltenham meeting in October. We have a lovely little mare called Sid Hoodie who won a bumper the other day. We are now schooling her and she jumps beautifully and enjoys it. We are looking at a mares’ maiden hurdle for her next month.

I am shocked and stunned that I haven’t been asked to Paul Nicholls’ Open Day this year as that is when I catch up with a lot of my old owners. Speaking of owners, we had a syndicate lunch here last Sunday and I managed to lock one of them in the loo. The lengths you have to go to to keep them these days!