I went to Teddies to watch my children both run in a steeplechase last Thursday.  Tildie was running over 4.2miles and William was in a 2.2 mile race so l thought they both might be an each way bet especially as there were about 200 in each race.  Well Tildie finished about 4.3 miles behind the winner and when l asked what had happened she said that she had wanted to run round with two of her friends so they could have a good chat.  Pity her two friends weren’t a bit faster!  Then l watched William in the 2.2mile race and was a bit surprised when he finished so far back especially as he wouldn’t have blown a candle out after the race.  He needs a pair of blinkers on.

We ran a couple at the weekend but they didn’t run too well. We had the first runner for the 25 Club yesterday called Zen Master and he ran a blinder.  He finished 3rd in a decent race and should be winning quite soon.  May l remind you all that there are a couple of shares remaining in this Club so get on the phone quick!

I am getting fit for my race at Chepstow next week and thought about going for a run last Monday but unfortunately that’s as far as it got. Am still doing 25 laps of my hot tub and riding out every day so l should be OK.  The race is being billed as the biggest thing that has ever happened in Wales as it’s similar to the Mayweather fight in that some legendary jockeys are going to do battle for the last time. Anyone wants to go get in touch with my secretary Lois.

I was in a pub with an owner of mine last week and these two guys were at the bar. One says to his mate,’ My wife is an angel,’ His friend replies, ‘You’re lucky. Mine is still alive.’