We had a power cut yesterday which meant we had no phones, internet and more importantly no hot tub!  I am on a fitness regime right now as l’m trying to get myself ready for The Legends race on the 14th October at Chepstow.  I have thought about going for a run but that’s about as far as it got and l might take the dog for a walk but she hates exercise nearly as much as l do.  But l am still doing twenty five lengths of the hot tub every night with a glass in hand.  Don’t take life too seriously: you won’t get out alive!

I bought a lovely horse in Germany called Leoro who arrives here on Saturday.  He is a winner on the flat and is a big scopey sort who will jump a fence one day.  Unfortunately for him he has got a date with the vet on Monday to remove a couple of things that he won’t be needing!  We had our first 25Club lunch last Sunday and we have two more syndicate lunches over the next week which seem to go down well.

I went to the doctors last week and told him that my hair was falling out. I said to him have you got anything to keep it in? He said certainly and gave me a plastic bag!