How much???!

I rode out for Richard Hughes last week as l wanted to sit on a horse that he thought might make a jumper. He was not a bad type but still a maiden so l asked Hughsie what he wanted for him and nearly fell off him when he told me the price! We had the most lovely horse arrive from Germany on Saturday called Leoro and unfortunately for him we did a little operation on him yesterday which will mean he will no longer think about the opposite sex. There are a few people l know that could do with the same op. Come back with that now! Bad dog, bad dog! or this patient already has some kids though? We went to a wine tasting dinner at Nicky Hendersons on Friday night which was very entertaining although it was quite hard to get a drink. On Saturday night l went to stay with my gorgeous girlfriend Kate in Portishead where we went to a Michelin Star restaurant near the harbour which was delicious. On Sunday we had another syndicate lunch which all went very well. I have been riding out two lots every morning in an attempt to get fit for this Legends race on the 14th October and to help even more l have got a new mattress for my bed! I used to go out with a girl with a wooden leg but l had to break it off. We have action at long last with entries over the weekend and beginning of next week so fingers crossed!

We had a power cut yesterday which meant we had no phones, internet and more importantly no hot tub!  I am on a fitness regime right now as l’m trying to get myself ready for The Legends race on the 14th October at Chepstow.  I have thought about going for a run but that’s about as far as it got and l might take the dog for a walk but she hates exercise nearly as much as l do.  But l am still doing twenty five lengths of the hot tub every night with a glass in hand.  Don’t take life too seriously: you won’t get out alive!

I bought a lovely horse in Germany called Leoro who arrives here on Saturday.  He is a winner on the flat and is a big scopey sort who will jump a fence one day.  Unfortunately for him he has got a date with the vet on Monday to remove a couple of things that he won’t be needing!  We had our first 25Club lunch last Sunday and we have two more syndicate lunches over the next week which seem to go down well.

I went to the doctors last week and told him that my hair was falling out. I said to him have you got anything to keep it in? He said certainly and gave me a plastic bag!

I went to Paul Nicholls’ Open Day the other Sunday as it’s always nice too catch up with some of my ex owners and see a few nice horses. Having seen a few of his l think we have a nice bunch! My two kids went back to school last week having had more holidays than Thomas Cook so hopefully they will get their heads down now and do a bit of work! I went to Doncaster Sales last week and all the horses l fancied made silly money. The next day l flew to Germany to look at about twenty horses. Most of them were in Peter Schiergens yard which we have had a lot of luck out of with the likes of Seventh Sky and many others. I really liked three of them and although one of them has already gone l am very keen to get the other two as they are fantastic value unlike over here. I had the most delicious lunch in my favourite fish restaurant in Düsseldorf which was a good thing as l then had a nine hour wait at the airport and got home after midnight. We’ve had some pretty awful weather here with a lot of rain and the odd storm so the ground is getting quite soft. We have got our horses very forward and they will be ready to run quite soon and hopefully pick up a few races before the they get more competitive. I am getting myself fit for The Legends Race at Chepstow and swam twenty lengths of my hot tub yesterday without spilling a drop of my Chardonnay so l am going the right way. If any of you would like to come to Chepstow have lunch and be an owner for the day on October 14th l will give it to the person who puts in the highest sponsorship for our charity. It should be a good day as there is some good racing on the card. My bank phoned yesterday and it’s official. My yearnings exceed my earnings! The best way to keep your bills down is to get a paperweight!

Here are some photos of Morney Wing, Some Kind of Lama, & Fixed Rate from The Steeplechasers Open Day.  Morney, ridden by Harry Bannister is looking at the camera when he should be concentrating!  Winning the Sussex National last season has clearly gone to his head!