We are getting busier as the horses are now coming in and the lads are coming back from their holidays.  Watched Andy Murray get beaten at Wimbledon which put me in the dumps and then to see Konta get beaten as well really did make me depressed.  I bought a superb new tennis racket last week and feel like taking it back now!

Have been at Newmarket for the last two days for the sales and managed to buy a couple of nice three year olds to go hurdling . They will run quite soon as they are fit from the flat and we just need to teach them to jump and of course find owners for them.  I was in a queue at the Co-Op last week buying a jar of coffee and was behind this young fella who was asking the woman on the till a question.  He was looking a bit embarrassed and finally asked her if they sold any contraceptives in the shop.  She replied ‘No but have you tried Boots’? He looked a bit puzzled and said ‘Do you think that would work’?

Had a good Ascot although it was a bit hot on Tuesday and Wednesday but at least the rain stayed away so no complaints.  The best place to sell the odd share in a syndicate is in the car park after the last race where everyone is very jolly having had a glass or three!  All the talk from the car park was of two very well known NH trainers having a handbags at dawn on Tuesday evening after having had a couple of glasses!

We have started to get the horses back from grass now as they have been out for nearly two months and are looking quite fat.  We give them a good shampoo, get some shoes on them and ride them round the roads for the next month.  My kids broke up from school last weekend and they now get nearly nine weeks off for the summer holidays which is not bad.  Wish l was a teacher! 

We have got Albert and Kyryl on holiday but have had three new members of staff start in the last week or so.  Have had to mow my lawn quite a bit lately which reminded me of an incident with my ex. Her whole body bucked and heaved as she felt a hot throbbing between her legs. That’s the last time she ever went on my ride-on lawnmower!