Have been sitting on a boat going round the Greek islands which l can thoroughly recommend as long as your skipper knows what he’s doing. Luckily we where in the hands of Johnny Seth-Smith who was far more able than l gave him credit for and had a lovely boat which we all took turns to steer.

We had a wonderful day last Friday at Sandown where we sponsored a race for a great friend and owner of mine in Judy Maynard. We called the race The Judy Maynard ‘Hello Darling’ Maiden Stakes, and we had a box with lots of Judy’s friends in, and the racecourse looked after us really well.

We have hardly got any horses in at the moment and are getting ready to get them back next month when l should think they will be quite pleased to come in.  This week l have got four days at Royal Ascot where l can catch up with a lot of my owners and maybe sell the odd horse!  I remember an Ascot week a few years ago when my ex said ‘I’m a very naughty girl,’ biting her lip,’l need to be punished.’ So l invited my mother to stay for the weekend!

Am afraid l haven’t done my blog for a while as l was at Doncaster last week buying horses. It was a very difficult market and l only ended up with one but he looks a nice type and he is for The 25 Club so l hope he’s decent! We had a very good stag day for Paul Fitzsimmons last week which was fairly exhausting! We played 18 holes of golf in the morning, followed by lunch then a 30 lap race in go karts followed by a very good dinner at The Harrow. Quite a day! Managed to fall off and cracked a rib which has been quite painful especially when laughing or sitting in the car. Most of the horses are out in the field and we are getting all the boxes steam cleaned and painted ready for them to come back in July. We haven’t had many runners lately as most of them are out but we ran Ocean Jive yesterday and he won having his first run over hurdles and beating the odds on favourite. It keeps our strike rate up to 50% which makes everyone happy. My sister Victoria came to stay and she and Kate went to Chelsea Flower Show on Friday and had a wonderful time. We all went to Eton Dorny on Sunday which is an Olympic venue for rowing and my daughter Tildie was taking part in a four. She was in a race of 8 boats and her boat won which we were terribly excited about and all jumping up and down. We spoke to her coach after who was very laid back about it and said of course they were odds on shots so l explained to him about a winners a winner especially when your daughters in the boat! We now have three very nice horses in The 25 Club and may buy the last one at Cheltenham on Thursday to make it up to the four. There are one or two more shares available so get in touch to avoid disappointment. The bed shook, creaked and rattled as she gripped the headboard and screamed out my name. At this point we were asked to leave Debenhams!