News@Neardown 25.04.13

Elmore Back
We were
initially disappointed with his run at Southwell as we all thought he would
win. However he has come back with a bit of a sore back, nothing serious but
bad enough in my opinion to think there will be considerable improvement for
his Novice Hurdling campaign next year.
Feisty Lass
She ran okay
at Ffos Las, at one moment looking like she might get a decent place. I was particularly
pleased with her jumping. However I think this is probably as good as she is.
Charlie plans to keep on running her in the hope of nicking a weak race before
she heads to the sales.
Fine Parchment
It has been
a long season for him therefore we have been slightly altering his routine to
try and keep him fresh and he is in good form. I think he will be ready to go
in 10 days or so.
King Arthur
 After his poor run we got him gastric scoped
as we thought he may have stomach ulcers, which could have been the reason for
his poor run and looking backwards in his coat. However his scope wasn’t bad
enough to suggest that was the problem. Charlie thinks he may just be over the
top after racing all last summer in Germany and then coming over here running through
winter. He most likely needs a summer on his back.
Masked  Man
He ran a
great race at Wincanton, he came out of it very well. He really has turned a
corner with the spring weather and looks so much healthier in his coat. It is
likely that he will head to Market Rasen on Saturday.
4yo Filly Kayf Tara x Explorer
She is
showing a great attitude and has come on a lot since she arrived. Her summer
coat is coming through nicely. Rose has been riding her and says she has a good
canter on her and thinks she will make a nice horse next year. She will go out
to grass soon where hopefully she will add a bit of size and mature a little.
He looks
great and is ready to run.  We had the
back man do a precautionary check this morning; he was happy with him so we
will work him on Saturday. Charlie will then find a race for him.
Seventh Sky
He has the
most fantastic skin on him. He holds an entry at Sandown on Saturday, which Charlie
plans to take a look out. However he does remain a Novice until October so
there will be lots of opportunities between now and then. Personally I am
interested to see how he goes on better ground as he shows so much speed at
Stoney Silence
He came out
of his race well. He ate up and enjoyed the next morning in the field. He will
make a very nice Novice Hurdler next year. He has already done some baby
schooling so the jumping won’t be a problem.
Van Diemens Land
He did his
first bit of work on Wednesday since his wind op.  Gavin was happy with him but said he would
need a few more bits of work. I am looking forward to seeing him run on some
better ground.
Victor Leudorum
He schooled
this morning; Charlie tells me he was brilliant. He is ready to run again and
holds an entry at Huntingdon on Sunday.
Western King
He looks
very well now the spring weather is here; he is working well and is ready to
run. I don’t think the better ground will be a problem for him so there will be
lots of opportunities for him.
Who Owns Me
He really
is bouncing out of his skin at the moment. He is another one ready to run. We
just need to find somewhere where the ground is on the softer side for him.
He could go
to Market Rasen on Saturday, another horse that looks better now the warmer
weather has arrived. Gavin schooled him this morning and said he felt great.
The drying ground will be a positive for him.v 

News@Neardown 4.4.13

With the
ground drying up it is unlikely we will be able to get a run into him this
year. We are going to keep him ticking over till the sun shines and the grass
grows when he can then be turned out. I think he will benefit from having
another summer to mature.
A few little
problems came to light after his disappointing run at Exeter. His back and
heels were sore. We think we have now sorted them out and he is back in his
normal routine and very fresh.
Big Jer
2m 6f at
Fontwell was a bit on the short side; however Sam was very pleased with his
jumping and felt he would be a much stronger horse next year. With the ground
drying up it looking more and more likely that he won’t run again this year. We
do plan to keep training him just in case we get some wet weather towards the
end of the month.
Duke of Monmouth
Noel came
in to school him over fences for the first time this morning. He took to it
well and like everything he does he gave it his all. He was very clever going
both long and short. Noel felt that his lack of size was made up for in his
Enter Paradise
He is in
terrific form at home; he did a routine canter today and is entered at Ascot in
a 0-145 boys race on Sunday. To me it looks to be a competitive race, there
could be something else easier for him.
Feisty Lass
She did a
piece of work yesterday with Masked Man. She went very well and showed she has fully
recovered from the race on horrible ground at Southwell. I think the drying
ground will help her, however the race she is entered for on Saturday is over
2m 4f which to me may be a little on the short side on quicker ground.
Fine Parchment
He is
running rather sooner than we had planned, however he came out of his race at
Fakenham better than I thought he would. He is in good form at home but is
taking on a very competitive field.
King Arthur
 He does not look that great in his coat but he
is working well at home. He seems to be going about everything with a lot of
energy. He is entered at Chepstow on Saturday and Ascot on Sunday which are
both realistic options.
Lord of House
Happy and
fresh at home, we are praying for the weather to warm up and the grass to grow
so we can turn him out.
Maringo Bay
I really
think we have turned a corner with him; he is looking well and eating well. He
seems to be back in good health.
Masked  Man
He really
has come to himself in the last few weeks. His next run will be much improved
on his previous two. He has had a nice break and done some nice bits of work-the
better ground will be a big help to him too.
He has just
been ticking over in his usual routine. Nicky felt he was not moving to well on
Saturday so we had the back man in to take a look at him. He found him to be a
little sore so put him right, it is not serious and hasn’t missed a day – he
will be working again on Saturday.
Seventh Sky
He looks
better than ever. He holds entries at Aintree and Chepstow on Saturday, with
Chepstow being the preferred option. I think he will run at good race if he
does go there.
Stoney Silence
He holds an
entry at Chepstow on Saturday where his participation will be ground dependent.
He wouldn’t want it to soft and he wouldn’t want it to quick! There could be a
better option for him in a week or so.
Van Diemens Land
He is
currently at the vets having a wind op.
Victor Leudorum
schooled him this morning, he was great! He is very athletic and bold. He holds
at entry at Ascot on Sunday however there could be easier places to start him
in his chasing career.
Western King
Gavin schooled
him over fences again today and he showed us he is getting better and better every
time. The ground has dried up nicely for him; he is going very well at home and
will run well wherever he goes.
Who Owns Me
He is in
amazing form at home and will run his heart out today, however he really is up
against some stiff competition.
schooled him this morning and was happy with him. The better ground will be in
his favour and he should be out again soon, needing only one more run before he
gets a mark from the handicapper.