News@Neardown 31.01.13

The good
news is that all the snow has gone and we are now back in our usual routine
with all the gallops open. The bad news is most of the horses seemed to have
lost a little of their fitness. This is as expected due to the snow causing
closure to some of the gallops restricting the amount of work we could put into
This was
telling this morning as most of the horses had a good blow after working. I
don’t think it will take much to regain what has been lost; if anything the small
break will have done a few horses some good.
will be a big schooling morning as Charlie wants to get as many off the ground
as possible.
Although he
is a big horse he does not seem to have lost as much fitness as some of the
other horses. He worked exceptionally well upsides Victor Leudorum this
morning. Charlie wants to school him tomorrow. He should be about ready to run
in 3 weeks time.
He did a
piece of working this morning with Big Jer and Masked Man which I think he will
come on from. He did it nicely although he did have a good blow at the 3
furlong marker. He will work again on Saturday and holds and entry for
Southwell on Monday, however the meeting looks unlikely to go ahead.
Big Jer
He did not
work badly this morning but he definitely needed it, he will come on a lot for
it. He will work again on Saturday and should be out towards the end of
Duke of Monmouth
Rose rode
him in a piece of work this morning, she was very happy with him. I think the
snow came at just the right time for this fella as he had a hard race at
Warwick , the snow gave him an opportunity to do something different which has freshened
him up. He is now ready to go again, he holds entries at Chepstow on Friday and
Wetherby on Saturday but waiting another week may not do him any harm.
Enter Paradise
 He is so well at the moment and looks great.
Charlie is adamant that he wants to hold out for some better ground so we have
backed off him a small bit, so when the better ground does come he has not gone
over the top.
Feisty Lass
She still
has a wonderful shine to her coat. Charlie has been slightly reluctant to run
her the last couple of days as she missed work through the snow. He does now thik
she is ready to run her after how well she went this morning.
Fine Parchment
He worked
upsides Van Diemens Land this morning, it rode like a very strong piece of
work. The snow was at a good point for him too as he has had a few runs
recently on very testing ground. A small break and a change of routine has done
him the world of good.
Judy’s Boy
He has come
on so much in the last month, both in his appearance (he has filled out) and in
his work. He seems to be finding his work easier and easier each week. Charlie
now plans on upping his work load in the hope of running him in about a month’s
King Arthur
Stopping with
him was very frustrating as he had come on a ton from his race at Lingfield. He
did look good this morning upsides Seventh Sky. We now think he takes a bit
more work than we had first anticipated. Charlie has put him in Juvenile Maiden
next Tuesday at Market Rasen where he has a realistic chance of running.
Lord of House
He never
travelled as strongly last weekend as he did at Sandown. I maybe think he
suffered from the chaos the snow caused us. I also feel in hindsight that he
has not had much time in-between his runs, all of which were on testing ground.
He has returned home fine and will be back to fight another day.
Maringo Bay
He missed
out on some work during the snow which has affected his fitness. He does normally
thrive on a bit of a break. He worked with Victor Leudorum this morning and had
a good blow afterwards. Therefore Charlie may give Ffos Las a miss this weekend
and look at something towards the end of next week.
Masked  Man
He has
thrived on a little break during the snow. This showed in his work this morning
as he went about it with huge enthusiasm. I still haven’t got the shine back
into his coat that I would like to get.
In his
usual fashion he has managed to get a bruise on the sole of his foot which I
discovered on Saturday. He was put right on Sunday and was fine again by Monday
morning. He has been cantering away this week but will not work until Saturday.
However Charlie might give him a pop over a fence tomorrow.
Seventh Sky
The snow
came at the wrong time for this horse as he was ready to run.  He did work well this morning but just had a
bit of a blow afterwards. Luckily there are lots of options for him now the
racing is back on. Charlie is looking to find the most suitable race for him.
Stoney Silence
He did a
good strong piece of work with Feisty Lass this morning. Which looked to get Charlie
excited. Gavin rode him and also praised how easily he did it. With no hiccups Charlie
hopes to run him in 3 to 4 weeks time.
Van Diemens Land
 He is much happy now he is on the all-weather
gallop on the ‘back of the hill’, which we will keep him on for the time being.
He did a strong piece of work with Fine Parchment this morning which he looked
o enjoy. He does look very well at the moment but I think we should wait for
some better ground.
Victor Leudorum
The snow
did not affect this chap to much; we got a good piece into him to his morning.
Charlie is going to wait for better ground, whilst his jockey tries to control
his playfulness!
Western King
 He does not look that great at the moment but
I am hoping the better weather we will be having over the next week will bring
a shine back to his coat.  Charlie has
decided to back off him a small bit as the ground is soft or heavy everywhere
which will not suit him, he does not want him to be over the top when the
ground does come back.
Who Owns Me
He has not
really been affected by the snow. The small breaks from the bang he had and the
snow have done him the world of good. He did have a good blow after working
this morning therefore he will need a few more bits before he is out again.
 We were really upping his workload before the
snow, so have been set back a bit with him which is frustrating. He did a good
strong bit this morning and will work again on Saturday. Charlie will school
him in the morning, I am not to keen on rushing him now, because the ground
wont suit him at the moment.