News@Neardown 24.01.13

The snow
has been a nightmare – as I am sure you have all been experiencing for
yourselves. As the snow came down heavily on Friday we were unable to work
horses on Saturday. It was very frustrating as there were a number of horses Charlie
was hoping to work.
Friday we have only had access to two gallops in Lambourn, Fishers Hill and
Kingsdown, both of which we do not normally use. Due to the freezing
temperatures they have not been riding deep enough to work horses; however they
have been perfectly fine to canter horses.
We must not
complain too much as many people have not been able to get their horses out at
all. With the weather easing slightly last night and the Jockey Club harrowing
the gallop a little deeper than normal we were able to do a bit more with them
up Kingsdown gallop this morning. It was a great relief as we have all been within
an inch of being bucked off!
I will
report as much as I can on your horses but it hasn’t been the most exciting
As you could
predict he has put on a couple of Kilos this week, he is a very good eater and
as big horse he needs as much work as we can throw at him. He did a bit of
faster work this morning.
He has just
been ticking along up Fishers Hill. Dave Crosse rode him yesterday and was
nearly taken off with! We hope to get some work into him on Saturday.
Big Jer
He is
verging on being too fresh! It has been particularly frustrating stopping with
him as he was quickly regaining fitness. With a bit of a thaw we might be able
to get some work into him on Saturday.
Duke of Monmouth
He has just
been hacking up Fisher Hill until this morning when we were able to take him to
Kingsdown to go a bit quicker as he really was getting to fresh. He should be
out again in 2 or 3 weeks.
Enter Paradise
He is ready
to run. Luckily he did a bit of faster work this morning (with his eyes on
stalks!) He holds an entry in a Novice Hurdle over 2m 7f at Lingfield on
Feisty Lass
She is
ready to run and looks better than ever. She holds a few entries over hurdles;
a 2m 5f Novice at Plumpton on Monday, a 2m 7f Novice at Lingfield on Tuesday
and a 2m 5f Mdn at Ludlow on Wednesday, all of which are realistic options.
Fine Parchment
He came
home fine from Wincanton, he needs a bit further these days. He remains in good
spirits; it won’t be too long until he is out again.
Judy’s Boy
Wareed x
Katie Buckers 4yo
He is a store
horse Charlie bought last year. He was broken over the summer and we are now
starting to step up his work. He has
just been ticking over through the bad weather, Charlie hopes to get some work
into him on Saturday. The first time he saw the snow he tried to get down and
roll in it with Rose on top!
King Arthur
He is ready
to run again. he makes an extraordinary snorting noise at the snow which seems
to make his pilot slightly nervous! He holds and entry in a Juvenile race at
Ludlow next Wednesday which could be the place to get him off the mark.
Lord of House
He looks
terrific. He should hopefully head to Cheltenhamon Saturday for the H’cap over
2m 1f. He had a good blow this morning and will have a steady day tomorrow.
Maringo Bay
He holds an
entry at Leicester over 2m 7f in a 0-125 Novice H’cap which could be a
realistic target for him as he is ready to run.
Masked  Man
He looks
great and enjoys the snow, being even fresher than usual! We could do with the
snow going and the ground drying up for him. He is another like King Arthur who
makes an inquisitive grunt at the snow!
He went to
Kingsdown this morning to go half a strider quicker, in the hope of keeping him
sharp as there is a 2m 3f Novice at Lingfield next Tuesday. It could be a good
target for him as he has come out of his race at Newbury better than ever.
Seventh Sky
He is
bouncing out of his skin at the moment! Wherever Charlie seems to enter him
seems to be abandoned. Crosse rode him this morning and was delighted in him. He
has entries for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.
Stoney Silence
Much to
Roses joy Crosse has taken over the ride the last couple of mornings; he has
been getting fresher and fresher as the week has progressed! Therefore he went
up Kingsdown this morning to go a bit quicker with the others which he seemed
to really enjoy and Crosse was pleased with him (and pleased he stayed on too!).
He is a very happy horse at the moment!
Van Diemens Land
 As I think he takes a lot of work he joined
those on Kingsdown, so when the ground does eventually dry out we are ready to
rock and roll with him!
Victor Leudorum
He is doing
at lot of bouncing! He is in great spirits and loves the snow. He will be ready
to run in a week or so. Hopefully we can find somewhere were the ground has
dried out a bit.
Western King
He also
went up Kingsdown and has been one of the safer riders during the snow! He is
ready to run at the moment, Charlie is just holding out for better ground.
Who Owns Me
He is
challenging for the freshest horse on the yard. Gavin has been riding him
everyday lately and reports him to feel great. He will however need a couple
more bits of work before he is out again.
 He has just been ticking over through this
weather and did a little bit more this morning, hopefully by Saturday we can
put some hard graph into him as Charlie hopes to run him in 3 weeks or so.

News@Neardown 17.01.13

I rode him
in another encouraging piece of work yesterday upsides Seventh Sky. He has a
great attitude and is always trying to keep his head in front. Paul schooled
him this morning over the fixed brush hurdles on the all weather surface; he
did not jump them as well as he has jumped the hurdles on the grass. It
probably wasn’t a bad thing as it would have educated him teaching him to pick
up his feet a bit more.
Charlie had
hoped to school him over some fences this morning, however due to the grass
being frozen he opted against schooling him over the fixed brush fences on the
all weather. He also felt he would rather wait until Sam or Noel are in over
the next few days to give him a pop. He looks terrific after being clipped on
Big Jer
He did a
good strong half speed yesterday which was just what he needed as he was just
starting to get a bit too fresh! He is booked in first thing tomorrow with the
vet, to be giving a sleeping pill ahead of being clipped!
Duke of Monmouth
He ran a
great race to finish 4th in a Pertemps Qualifier on Saturday. After
watching the race I was a bit concerned that he would return a bit tired and
tucked up. However he has come out of the race remarkably well, he was even
having a good try at bucking Rose off at the beginning of the week. I am
delighted to see this as it is a sign of how much he has matured this year.
Enter Paradise
Fakenham was off on Sunday which was real bore as he is in great form at home
and we all thought he had a great chance. We have given him another reasonably
quiet week, but Charlie does plan to work him on Saturday to keep him sharp.
Then he hopes to run him in a Novice Hurdle at Fakenham on Thursday.
Feisty Lass
She did a
piece of work yesterday with Masked Man which looked to be her best yet. She
schooled well over fences this morning, however she does tend to spend a bit too
long in the air. I think it would be a good idea to school her in some cheek
pieces next time or even a sheepskin noseband, purely as an aid for
concentration. She is looking a lot fitter now.
Fine Parchment
He didn’t
run as well as we thought he would at Wincanton today. 2m 5f maybe a bit too
short for him these days.
King Arthur
He ran a
much improved race to finish 2nd at Lingfield earlier in the week. I
think he will be a better horse on better ground. He has returned home fine and
Charlie hopes to run him again soon.
Lord of House
He holds 3
entries at the weekend. One at Ascot in a 2m 3f Grade 2, a 2m Grade 2 at Haydock
and a 2m 3f H’cap at Taunton. The weather will have a big say in where Charlie
runs him. I really hope he does get to run somewhere as the ground is ideal for
him at the moment and I would hate for him to miss it.
Maringo Bay
He has had
a slightly easier time than usual to make sure he has fully recovered from his
fun at Lingfeld, which I think he has now. 
Charlie has put him in a 3m H’cap at Exeter next Wednesday.
Masked Man
He did a
really nice piece of work yesterday with Feisty Lass and is on course for a bid
to win the Royal Artillery Gold Cup, Charlie is undecided just yet as to
whether he will give him a run before hand. I feel he might benefit to going
there fresh and the ground is also too soft for him at the moment.
He ran a creditable
race yesterday, only to get a bit tired turning in! He has returned home safe
and sound and really enjoyed his day out. It is safe to say his future lies
over fences.
Seventh Sky
Noel came
in to ride him on Tuesday and was happy with him. He said he was moving well. Peter
has been riding him lots lately and has also been pleased with him. He said he
feels like a happier horse than what he did a month ago. Charlie is struggling
to find a race for him at the moment. It might be that he has to go for a
Maiden rather than the preferred route of a H’cap.
Stoney Silence
He did another
piece of work yesterday upsides the Wareed. Gavin rode him and commented on how
much he had matured in the last month. He is eating well at the moment and while
he is Charlie will try and put a bit of work into him. He has gone out for a
nice walk today.
Van Diemens Land
 Peter rode him yesterday and he looked to go
better than ever, I think this was because he was on the all weather surface.
It is a much quicker surface than the grass he has been working on lately. He
obviously finds it easier to go up the gears on a sounder surface; this leads
me to think it is worth waiting for some better ground for him.
Victor Leudorum
As the
ground dried out a bit at Kempton Charlie decided to take the chance and run
him in the Lanzarote. He was in a great position and jumped brilliantly until
he seemed to stop quickly. We had him scooped to find out he had bled, which is
obviously the reason for his performance. We took his bloods which came back
fine. It is leading me to think that the testing ground conditions and it being
his 1st run back after is break was the reason. Charlie will now
look for some better ground.
Western King
I have been
really happy with him lately. He has been fresh and bouncing along. He worked
nicely with Yazdi yesterday, however Charlie does not want to run him on this
ground again.
Who Owns Me
 He is now back in full swing and unbelievably
fresh.  I think this little break has
been a blessing in disguise and just what he needed mid season. He will have
lost a bit of fitness but with the enthusiasm he is going about things it will
not take long to regain.
 He did a piece of work yesterday which he did
get a bit tired in however he was entitled to do so. His weight has been slowly
increasing which in turn has enabled us to put a bit more work into him. Being
a light framed horse I don’t think it will take much work to get him fit.

News@Neardown 10.01.13

Air Force One
Ran a
creditable race to stay on and finish 3rd at Chepstow on Tuesday. He
came home from the race fine.
I rode him
in his first bit of strong work yesterday. He surprised me with how easily he
did it. He has more speed that his size suggests and will work again on
Saturday. David Crosse schooled him this morning and really liked him.
He ran a
better race than it maybe looked on Tuesday. Noel was very happy with him, he
said he got a bit out paced turning for home. He has come home from the race
fine. He is now ready for a fence, so Charlie plans to school him over fences
next week.
Big Jer
He is very
fresh and well in himself. He is back doing 2 canters up the bank every day.
Charlie hopes to be able to start putting some more work into him next
Wednesday. I plan on getting him clipped over the weekend-which could be a
mission as it takes about 10 people to hold him down!
Duke of Monmouth
nicely yesterday and nearly bucked Gavin off on the schooling field this
morning! It is great to see him in such good spirits; he has a great shine to
his coat. He holds 3 entries this weekend at Warwick, Kempton and Fakenham,
Charlie plans to run him where the ground is the softest.
Enter Paradise
He has had
a quiet-ish week in the hope of keeping him fresh for the weekend. He holds 3
entries at the weekend at Warwick and Kempton on Saturday and Fakenham on
Sunday which is where he won his Beginners Chase and looks the most likely
Feisty Lass
She went
for a canter around ‘The Bowl’ with Charlie on Tuesday which she seemed to
really enjoy. We think she might take a bit more work than we first thought, so
she could do this again next week. She still has a very good skin on her and
will work again on Saturday.
Fine Parchment
He remains
in great form at home. He did a great piece of work with Western King yesterday
and went for a walk this morning. Charlie has made an entry for him at Newbury
next Wednesday, however there is a good race for him at Ludlow the following
King Arthur
He did a very
strong piece of work with Seventh Sky yesterday. We have moved him to ‘the
bank’ rather than ‘back of the hill’ for the next few days in the hope of
brining him on a bit. He holds entries at Kempton on Saturday, Lingfield on
Tuesday and Newbury on Wednesday, at this early stage Lingfield is looking the
most likely.
Lord of House
He put in a
performance that we all new he was capable of at Sandown on Saturday. He did it
in a very impressive manner, soft ground and a strong pace both played in his
favour, he also jumped very well. As yet no plans have been set for his next
step. We are all very excited about him at Neardown.
Maringo Bay
Robbed again!
He was very unlucky. He looked to idle a bit in front. He could be out again soon
with maybe some slightly different tactics applied. He does still look
Masked Man
He remains
fresh and well at home, he is now back in his routine and will be out again at
the end of the month.
He schooled
even better this morning; he makes a much nicer shape over a fence than he ever
did over a hurdle. He holds an entry at Newbury next Wednesday in a Novice Chase
where he is most likely to go.
Seventh Sky
He took off
up the gallops with Charlie yesterday, which I was delighted to see as he hasn’t
done so for some time! Charlie returned from that bit of work saying he would
benefit from another piece; which he will do on Saturday. It looks unlikely
that he will run this weekend however we will still keep a look to see if the
races cut up though. There is an option of a 0-120 H’Cap next week at Market
Stoney Silence
He did his
first bit of work that he has done for a while yesterday. He loved it and came
out of it very well. Gavin schooled him this morning over the big hurdles which
he was good at, however he did lack a bit of concentration at times. I am sure
it will improve with experience.
Surrey Dream
Noel felt
that he did not stay yesterday which was a shame as his jumping was foot
perfect. I feel his future lies over a mile on the flat.
Van Diemens Land
I rode work
on him on Saturday and felt that he needed it a bit. Charlie took him round ‘the
bowl’ on Tuesday and Pete worked him yesterday. They very much echoed my
thoughts from his previous bit of work. Therefore I hope to get some more work
into him before he runs again.
Victor Leudorum
He holds an
entry in the Lanzarote at Kempton on Saturday, however the ground is currently
soft which wouldn’t be to his liking. It is therefore unlikely that Charlie
will run him. He is now ready to run and schooled really well this morning.
Western King
He did
another good bit of work with Fine Parchment yesterday. He holds 3 entries back
over hurdles this weekend-Kempton, Warwick and Fakenham. Charlie is not sure he
will run as there may be easier options next week.
Who Owns Me
He had a
little bang which has slowed his work up since his last run. But it looks to
have cleared up now. So hopefully we can kick on and get some work into him.
He had sore
heels at the beginning of this week which has been a bit frustrating. However
we only really missed a couple of days cantering. Yesterday and today he was
back in full work. Charlie hopes to start getting some heavier work into him
next week. He is starting to fill out a bit more now.